Seminar 5

Earthquakes, Volcanoes and God: Praying in response to natural disasters

Revd Prof David Chester, Department of Geography and Environmental Science,Liverpool Hope University. Click here for brief biography and abstract.


Andrew Pratt was inspired by the seminar to write a new hymn, In the Bible sinful action sees God’s punishment unfurled, which can be accessed by clicking on this link). The seminar also reminded Andrew of an article that he’d written for The Hymn, an American journal on the theme of how natural disasters are dealt with in hymns. You can read it at this link)

Richard has also had a go at writing a hymn dealing with such issues which you can read at this link.

Workshop 1: Recording

The questions Peter is asked in this interview were those selected after a discussion at two workshops by those who had just listened to her keynote talk (interviewed by Pam Howie, member of our Advisory Panel).

Workshop 2: Reflecting

Two groups reflected on what Peter had said and have prepared a series of questions further discussion by small groups who have already watched the keynote talk which are available at this link.

Workshop 3: Responding

A selection of prayers written in response to the keynote talk will be posted soon.

Workshop 4: Resourcing

Links to relevant hymns, Bible passages, internet resources and books – not yet active