Seminar 4

Healthy Intercessions

Professor Peter Howdle, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine, The University of Leeds. Click here for brief biography and abstract.


Andrew Pratt was inspired by the seminar to write two hymns, We rise and look around us, and Is all prayer communication? (Which can be accessed by clicking on the hyper-linked titles).

Workshop 1: Recording

The questions Peter is asked in this interview were those selected after a discussion at two workshops by those who had just listened to her keynote talk (interview by Richard Baker, co-organiser of the seminar series).

Workshop 2: Reflecting

Two groups reflected on what Peter had said and prepared a set of questions to guide further discussion in a house group (or other small group) which are available at this link.

Workshop 3: Responding

A selection of prayers written in response to the keynote talk available at this link.

Workshop 4: Resourcing

Links to relevant hymns, Bible passages, internet resources and books – not yet active