Responding 2

A variety of prayers written in response to the keynote talk that Ruth gave.

Spiralling out – along the arms of the galaxy – all is within the fullness of God.

Spiralling in – to the tiniest quark – all is within the energy field of God.

Spiralling forward – life continues to evolve – all is within the possibilities of God.

Inspiral us, O God, to look out, to look in and to look forward, taking us deeper into your mystery and realising your presence in us.

Peter Lumsden

Lord, it is impossible to understand your thoughts.

You are greater than anything we can understand.

Your creations are so magnificent.

The majesty of the mountains, tall trees, the sky at night, the moon, the stars, the sun in the day.

How each planet was placed and has stayed where you decreed it to be.

The variety of plants, bushes and flowers.

All things created for us to enjoy and use for our benefit, form the largest to the tiniest, the strongest to the most frail.

You have made everything needed for the world to exist.

O that man would see this world with new eyes that the colours would be brighter and the details appreciated.

So in response we would take more care and think about the wonderful world created by a mind-blowing creator …

… and kneel in awe of all creation.


Awesome God
How can we doubt your existence?

We are surrounded by and immersed in so much fruitfulness and biodiversity, from the minuscule cellular evidence to the mind boggling secrets revealed by increasing technology and so much in between. Interdependent, enabling life beyond imagination.

Enable us not merely to worship but to live for the benefit of all that is, not selfishly focusing on whatever affects us individually

Ros Murphy

Let us praise the Lord for what human minds now know of creation:

for lichens and mosses,

for simple organisms seeking the daylight,

for the mystery of the embryo which grows to the first cry of the emerging infant!

Henry Rack

Dear Father,

You have put us in charge of your creation to use it to supply our needs: Forgive us that we have misused it by our greed.

You have given us a world of beauty: forgive us that we have made much of it so ugly.

You have given us a world that is rich with diversity and life: forgive us that we have killed and destroyed.


Tony Judd
A comtemplative prayer – Jean form the Nazarene

Lord of all,

We praise and magnify your holy name.

We are in awe at the immensity of your creation, the planets and the stars reflect your glory.

As we thank you for the things far away, we also thank you for the small creatures, for bugs and butterflies, worms and bacteria and microscopic organisms.

Thank you for birth and rebirth.

We confess we are concerned for what is happening in your world.

We grieve for the loss of species, of special habitats where plants and animals thrive.

Help us to do what we know is right – to take care of your creation.


So many questions Lord,

I find myself in a stand of trees towering over me and reaching for the skies, branches raised upward in silent worship. Tiny seeds.

You must feel that you have fulfilled your purpose. The mighty elm tree with over 3 million leaves.

Oxygen for vital breath.

Expanding scientific knowledge like a sphere of knowledge coming into contact with areas of ignorance.

More “How?” questions, Lord, you are an amazing God.

The “Why?” questions lead to my loving heavenly Father, you gave me this wonderful creation because you love me. You are Father of delights.

I bend to the cream coloured rose and drink in the perfume. Why Lord? Because of your love.

Thank you that it pleases you to bless me.

Lord, you love to walk in your garden. help me to slow my pace and walk with you, taking time to appreciate your creation gifts. To gaze in wonder and awe.

Lord I worship you.


When I consider the work of your hands. The sun and moon which you have created. What is man that you are mindful of him?

Oh, Dear Father, considering today the marvels of the universe which you have created and are sustaining, I bow humbly before you knowing you as my Heavenly Father, Brother, Saviour and Friend.



Lord, we bow our heads in awe of you.

You chose to male a vast and almost timeless universe so that we would ultimately be created.

Though your works have been spoiled, you created a universe that you knew would be infected also.

You took the risk that it would be a safe place for your son to come and start redemption.

Thank you that your Son’s suffering and sacrifice started the process of destroying the infection of sin that was in the world.

We are amazed that you entrusted te task of continuing this process to us.

Thank you for the insight you have given us to see the wonderful intricacy of your creation in all its beauty, despite the sin that despoils it.

We look forward to it being transformed ultimately into a new earth where you will dwell.


Andrew Faraday

Living God help me not to look at what I am or what I can do, but rather at what you can acheive with me by your grace, through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Amen.

This is my prayer for today from Daily Prayer by Nick Fawcett.

Thank you Ruth for reminding me so beautifully of the wonder and beauty of life to be found through nature and philosophy, psychology, biology, science, theology and love – and the greatest of these is love, love of Gof the Father, Jesus his son and the Holy Spirit.


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