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These are a range of resources suggested by Ruth and mostly focusing on the broader aspects of how science and faith interact.

Science and Belief is a blog-site maintained by Ruth with regular articles from herself and invited guests.

Biologos is an American organisation seeking to “embrace the historical Christian faith, upholding the authority and inspiration of the Bible”. It was was founded by one of the top biologists in the world, Francis Collins. He led the Human Genome Project and now directs the National Institutes of Health. They have an extensive website with a rich range or resources including video clips, podcasts and articles.

God and Nature is an American on-line magazine.

Scientists in Congregations Scotland has a well developed web-site with may interesting resources.

Oxford conversations are a series of videoed interviews with scholars from different fields about how their scholarship illuminates their faith.

Test of FAITH is a series of introductory resources on science and Christianity for both adults and young people, with contributions from leading scientists and theologians initiated and maintained by Ruth.

Science, Religion and Christian Leadership is the project that funded this seminar series. Their web-site has a range of resources including some video interviews with a number of scientists.

The following are resources suggested by people at the workshops.

Use as background to a suitable creation hymn – Ian Coverdale

This painting of God touching Adam’s finger from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was recommended – see if you can find it on this virtual tour of the chapel!

If you can think of any other internet resources that might be relevant then please let us know using the reply function below.

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