Seminar 2

All Creation Praises God! – Science and worship in action

Dr Ruth Bancewicz, Church Engagement Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge. Click here for brief biography and abstract.


The hymn that was written in response to the seminar by Andrew Pratt is entitled “Human searching started early” and can be found at this link.

Workshop 1: Recording

The questions Ruth is asked in this interview were those selected after a discussion at two workshops by those who had just listened to her keynote talk (interview by Alan Jacob on of the co-organisers of the saminar series).

Workshop 2: Reflecting

Two groups reflected on what Ruth had said and drew up a series of questions that might guide further discussion in a house group (or other small group).

Taking responsibility for what science tells us” addresses how we respond to what we now know about creation and how it is being threatened and can be downloaded at this link.

The relationship between Science and Religion” explores more general questions ans can be downloaded at this link)

Workshop 3: Responding

A selection of prayers written in response to the keynote talk available at this link.

Workshop 4: Resourcing

Links to relevant hymns, Bible passages, internet resources and books available at this link.