Responding 1

A variety of prayers written in response to the keynote talk that Ruth gave.

Dear Father,
I want to be more available to you to channel love, the source of life, abundant life, to all whom I meet.
I want to break out of my cosy church, and my ordered cosy home life, to be more available to all sorts of people … to see the value of each precious one to you.
But also I fear the cost, the chaos created by chaotic lives, impinging on my created order. And Lord, I feel at a loss to know where to start
I’m willing. Lord, will you guide me to like-minded people? Together maybe the way would be clearer and not so daunting.
“Love one another”. I can’t do it so well in my bubble and I anticipate pain when it bursts … but I do want to obey you.
And thank you that I have my family, my church, to walk this road with me.


Notes for an extempore prayer

Forgive us.
We are sorry for what we have done.
We shall try to do better – but it is hard.
We need your help Lord.
The Bible tells you that you love us. Even us, even when we let you down.

Peter was your friend, but he let you down. He pretended he didn’t know you when you needed help. But you didn’t turn against him. You still accepted him as your friend when you gave him a good breakfast one day.

If we let you down please, don’t give up on us. We still love you. We still can help you. Trust us please.


Tony Judd

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