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These are mainly links that Ruth supplied to projects working with in prisons or after having been released from prisons. The headings generally link to the resource.

Learning Together

A description of the exciting work that Ruth has been doing with colleague Amy Ludlow

The Welcome Directory (UK)

The Welcome Directory has a simple yet powerful vision: to help faith communities become places where people who leave prison find acceptance. A place to belong that not only nurtures faith but also offers appropriate practical support.

Community chaplaincy (UK)

Community Chaplaincies seek to build an embracing community in which ex-prisoners can make a new start and contribute towards a healthier society for all.

Home Boy Industries (Houston, USA)

Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community.

Project Curate (Houston, USA)

Project Curate specializes in collaborative public engagement on issues concerning race, religion, and social equity. We work with academic, church, and justice movement partners in our mission to build communities and coalitions that address pressing intersectional justice issues, support robust civic engagement, and inspire social transformation.

The Relay Podcast

The Relay is a podcast exploring the complexity of establishing justice-centered relationships and communities in modern times.

Community Led Initiatives (UK)

Community Led Initiatives CIC  was formed in 2013 by two people who had transformed their own lives and wanted to help others through the power of peer mentoring in the community.

Today CLI’s passion is to help people who want to make changes to feel part of their community and achieve their potential.  Through mentoring, group activities, community building and co-production we remove barriers to community inclusion for people who are socially excluded, facing complex issues such as drug and alcohol misuse, homelessness, offending and mental ill-health.

If you can think of any other internet resources that might be relevant then please let us know using the reply function below.

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