Hymns 1

Hymns thought relevant to this passage, the titles serve as a link to the relevant words (where they are publicly available).

Love, divine all loves excelling

Ruth constructed her whole talk around Charles Wesley’s hymn selecting a range of quotes to illustrate her points. One of these, “Take away our bent in sinning” is in a verse that has not been included in recent Methodist hymn books so the link above will take you to an internet source with all four original verses. We sang (the three verses that are in our hymn book) at our closing act of worship.

Have you heard God’s voice, has your heart been stirred

We used the words of this song as a responsive prayer in our closing act of worship.

There are no strangers to God’s love

One of our Hymn Writer in Residence’s earlier works and already in our current hymn book.

We cannot measure how you heal

If you can think of any hymns that might be relevant then please let us know using the reply function below.

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