The project is being led by three people at Bramhall Methodist Church

Professor Richard Baker has a BA in Physics and a PhD in Biomechanics. His research focussed on fundamental research into how people with and without disabilities walk and clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of clinical interventions. Until 18 months ago he was Professor of Clinical Gait Analysis at the University of Salford (and still holds an honorary appointment). He has been an active Lay Preacher for twenty years and recently took a career change to become full-time Lay Pastor at Bramhall Methodist Church. He has responsibility for overseeing the Church’s Life Group programme.

Dr Alan Jacob, a graduate and postgraduate of the University of Manchester in Biological Chemistry, is a retired Senior Lecturer in Molecular Genetics having focussed on gene function in bacteria, particularly those conferring antibiotic resistance. He held academic posts at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, and the University of Manchester. He has worshipped at Bramhall Methodist Church for over 25 years and has led a fortnightly Men’s Discussion Group for 8 years.

Revd Philip Berry trained as a Minister at Wesley House, Cambridge and has been in his current post for over 4 years. He brings 36 years’ experience as a Minister, 15 as Superintendent Minister. He has a passion for making the gospel and Bible accessible to a modern generation. He has led courses including Alpha, spirituality and prayer and has applied the experience of sabbatical studies in both cultural anthropology and writing to his ministry. He produces a weekly blog comprising a letter inspired by the week’s lectionary readings and prayer.

We also have an Advisory Board comprised of scientists from Bramhall Methodist Church and other local congregations:

Prof Bob Munn
Dr Colin Walter
Dr Ian Hall
Mrs Pam Howie
Dr Phil Wadsworth
Dr Ruth Jameson
Prof Sue Kimber
Mrs Sue Graham
Dr Tony Baron